Thursday, November 8, 2018

Middle of Beyond Brings New ‘Evil Dead’ and ‘Halloween’ Glass Ornaments to Your Christmas Tree

A handful of new horror-themed ornaments are headed our way this holiday season, including a line of horror icon ornaments from Trick or Treat Studios and “Stranger Things” ornaments from Funko. Middle of Beyond has also unleashed a few new horror ornaments, available now.

What sets Middle of Beyond ornaments apart from the pack is that they’re actually made of blown glass, with Evil Dead II and Halloween ornaments added to their collection this year. The former film is represented by Ash’s chainsaw hand and the infamous Book of the Dead, while the latter is represented by Michael Myers’ blood-splattered kitchen knife.

The three of these are selling for $19.99 each, and they’re just a few of the many blown glass ornaments Middle of Beyond offers up. They also have Krampus and Madballs ornaments!


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