Friday, March 29, 2019

Interview with Dead by Daylight Creative and Game Directors Dave Richard and Matthew Côté About the Addition of Ash from Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Lara Makrianis writes:

It wasn’t expected for Dead by Daylight to bring in something new so soon right after they had their recent chapter update of “Demise of the Faithful”. But out on the expo floor at PAX East, there was the large centerpiece of Dead by Daylight and several computers set up. A campsite like in the lobby of the game, and the all too familiar face of Bruce Campbell as Ash from Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Because that’s who’s coming to the game.

I was able to sit down at the lobby campfire and talk with Behavior Interactive’s Creative Director Dave Richard and Game Director Matthew Côté to learn more about the character coming to the game.

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