Thursday, May 16, 2019

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn™ is an Escape Room for Fans, by fans

Seth Wolfson writes:

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn™ has been one of my favorite movies since a much younger and well coifed me walked through the doors of my local movie house to see it for the first time in 1987. In it, Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and everyone involved managed to elevate schlock to high art, over acting to over achieving, and it reinforced for that younger me (leather Jacket, Travolta Hair, Wallet on a chain – you get the idea) that a good scare and a good laugh need not be two different things. In my career in animatronics and sculpting, Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn™ has served as a constant source of inspiration, and ever since I opened Hourglass Escapes, it has been a goal of mine to create an escape room based around the movie. The day we got the license was a big one for our small company, but it was also a big one for me, personally.

Then came the dread, and not the kind that comes from when you realize you’ve accidentally booked into a haunted AirBnB – I mean, you really should have known from the description: A cabin in the woods? One bridge in and out? And why would the owner, someone named Professor Knowby, list “creepy cellar” as the cabin’s main feature? Anyway, the kind of dread I was experiencing was the pressure in knowing that I suddenly had the responsibility, not only to other fans of the movie, but also to myself, to make an escape room worthy of Raimi’s and Campbell’s genius.

The hard work was just beginning.

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