Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Bruce Campbell interview: Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Infotainment with soul

Interview Excerpt:

Bruce Campbell: I’m glad that people are still interested in the Evil Dead universe and we hope to do more movies. There’s no question about it.

Jane Levy has a very thriving career. We’ll see yes/no in the future of her doing another one. I would love to see another movie with her in it because I thought she f****** killed it and I think she’s very impressive as an actress.

We’d be lucky to get her back. Fede Álvarez, we probably can’t get him back. You know, he’s a Hollywood guy now.

We’re hearing pitches for new versions of Evil Dead. Sam Raimi is very interested in continuing to act in the producing role.

Because look, as a franchise, it’s very viable. I actually want to do a remake now that is more in the vein of an Army of Darkness or Evil Dead 2 where you’ve got a little more of the trash talking. Fede wanted to be very true to the genre and he was.

The original Evil Dead is a melodrama. It is. There’s not a trash talking, snarky line really in the whole movie except by the character Scotty.

If you want to do another remake, maybe do one that has a little more fun. Maybe introduce a new character. He doesn’t have to be Ash. The trick is putting characters in situations over their heads because they are mortals. That’s what this is all about.

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