Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Detroit-born director Josh Becker discusses 'Morning, Noon & Night

Deep in the sleepy suburbs of Detroit, around the mid-1970s, something strange started bubbling. It was a weird cinema mania, a mania which so gripped a circle of neighborhood kids coming up in the Birmingham school district that they devoted their weekends to making their own movies.

Eventually, this rag-tag crew, led by director Sam Raimi, cobbled together enough cash to make the audacious, groundbreaking horror cult classic The Evil Dead, which legendary drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs dubbed “The paint-the-room-red, vomit champion of the 1980s." That success launched a host of careers, including that of Josh Becker, who would go on to form Panoramic Pictures and carve out his own slice of Hollywood, directing dozens of his own films and TV episodes for the next three decades. Recently, he’s moved back to Michigan, but that doesn’t mean he’s done making movies: His latest film Morning, Noon & Night is a comedic drama about a group of semi-related, regular people battling their various addictions. It was shot locally, with all local talent.

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