Saturday, June 8, 2019

Evil Dead Game to Be Released in 2019, Hopes Bruce Campbell

According to Bruce Campbell, a new Evil Dead game will be coming out in 2019 though we don't know any further details on it.

Want to hear some very unlikely news? According to Evil Dead series star Bruce Campbell an Evil Dead game is hopefully slated to launch in late 2019. Though it may seem far-fetched on the surface, E3 is the week for the remarkable and surprise announcements — and I frankly don’t want to question someone with so much experience with chainsaws and shotguns.

News comes from a clip of the Jim and Sam Show, where Bruce Campbell was discussing his rumored involvement in Mortal Kombat 11. Although he was quick to acknowledge that his role will likely only be as a cameo (instead of a playable fighter), he did note that it is part of a marketing push to get his name and brand out there for an upcoming Evil Dead title.

Giving the “straight dope,” Campbell discusses some communication issues he had with the Dead by Daylight team with his cameo appearance. While they were framing his appearance as a crossover, he and his publishers were trying to create some distance:
“Ooh, ooh don’t do that, ’cause we’re actually doing the Ash game. We’re doing The Evil Dead, a fully immersive game.”
According to Campbell, he is doing all the voice lines for the character and the team is refusing to make compromises (or in his words “farm that shit out”) to keep the world alive without him having to do physical acting.

When asked when fans can expect that game, Campbell hopes it will be within the next six months — before 2020 rolls around. The game has already been delayed, though Campbell doesn’t know for certain if that is because of technical issues or because the team wants to continually improve it before announcing it formally.

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