Monday, August 5, 2019

'Evil Dead: The Musical' returns to Detroit this fall

We're going to need more blood!

The campy cult horror classic Evil Dead is, after nearly four decades, revered as a hallmark of the horror genre — and also perhaps one of the most unlikely candidates for a musical adaptation.

Returning for its annual fall-time six-week engagement starting Sept. 26 is Evil Dead: The Musical, which will, once again, get hella gory at Detroit's City Theatre — this time with familiar faces (David Schoen as Jake and Garett Michael Harris as Ash) and some new blood.

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Friday, August 2, 2019

[Trailer] ‘Within the Woods’ is a Pitch-Perfect Fan Tribute to ‘The Evil Dead’

Before they made The Evil Dead, Sam Raimi and friends first put together a concept pitch that was titled Within the Woods, and the rest is movie history. The 1978 short, starring Bruce Campbell, is what allowed Raimi to make the 1981 feature, and fan Eric Yoder has now come along all these years later to make his own tribute to The Evil Dead, titled…Within the Woods!

Written and directed by Yoder, Within the Woods is an upcoming fan film tribute to Raimi’s classic horror film, and to say the very least, Yoder absolutely *nailed* the aesthetics.

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Lights, camera, action in Birmingham

Birmingham Museum staffer and movie buff Kyle Phillips will present a free lecture on how Birmingham and its surroundings have figured into numerous feature films, short films and commercials in the last of a series of free museum lectures on Thursday, August 8, at 7 p.m. at Baldwin Public Library.

“I’ve always been interested in movies,” said Phillips. “When I first started working at the Birmingham Museum, there was an exhibit display for the ‘People of Birmingham’ bicentennial exhibit on actors Tim Allen and Bruce Campbell, and director Sam Raimi, who were all from this area. I was surprised by this and became very curious about other aspects of Birmingham’s connection to films and film making.”

When the opportunity to give a presentation on the topic came up, Phillips jumped at the chance to learn more and present a lighthearted lecture on Birmingham's contribution to writing, acting and producing film.

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