Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Bruce Campbell on hosting ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ and burying Ash Williams

Interview Excerpt:

GN: This is the beginning of a new chapter for you as a host. It’s been just over a year since you closed the book on Ash vs. Evil Dead. You retired the character after that. Are you ever going to be able to fully let go of Ash Williams?
BC: Well, I can let go of it. It’s other people who don’t want to let go of it. They’ll never be satisfied. We do three seasons on Starz. They gave us a great opportunity to do unrated television. If we did a movie it would be rated R, but fans got 30 hours of uncut new material. If this was features, that would have taken place over 10 years, but with TV you can fart it out. As far as page count, you couldn’t have done any better for fans. But God forbid, they go: “If we just had that fourth season,” and if you did a fourth season, “If we just had the fifth season you could have wrapped up the story.” They’re always going to want more.

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