Thursday, August 29, 2019

Chin Up: Q&A with Bruce Campbell

Josh Hadley writes:

Do I even need to explain who Bruce Campbell is? Bruce Campbell is the Michigan native who everyone my age grew up watching in movies the likes of the Evil Dead trilogy (“Evil Dead," “Evil Dead II" and “Army of Darkness") and so many other amazing cult films such as “Moontrap," “Mindwarp" and “Maniac Cop." He would also pop up for small roles in big-budget movies now and then as when he was killed in the opening minutes of “Congo" or under heavy makeup in “Escape From L.A." Campbell's biggest mainstream impact is in the USA network series “Burn Notice" as the always awesome Sam Axe.

Short version: You have seen Bruce in things — even if you didn't notice him at the time, you saw him. Now you can see him in person when he visits Wisconsin's Pabst Theatre on Sept 28 for a screening of “Evil Dead II."

I was honored to sit down and chat with the man about the Evil Dead franchise, his creative work with television and his filming the movie “Mindwarp" in Eagle River, Wisconsin.

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