Wednesday, August 28, 2019

EVIL DEAD In Concert With Original Composer Joe LoDuca!

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra have just announced that on October 31st, they’ll be performing a One Night Only concert event of EVIL DEAD with original score composer Joe LoDuca.

Sam Raimi’s legendary genre classic will be screened in a newly-restored format at the Palais Theatre, with a reinvented score brought to life by musicians from the MSO alongside the renowned composer himself on keyboards!

More than 35 years ago, a low-budget horror movie roared across movie screens and changed the velocity of fear forever — and made a cult legend out of Bruce Campbell in his iconic role as the lethal, wisecracking Ash Williams.

EVIL DEAD follows five college students on holiday in an isolated cabin in the woods, where they unwittingly release absolute evil into the world and are forced to fight to survive.

LoDuca’s spine-tingling score – newly reimagined for this show – will be played live by an ensemble of musicians from the MSO, conducted by Brett Kelly. This rare resurrection of the beloved cult classic will come to life in a way you’ve never seen before – in this lifetime… or the next!

Tickets are on sale now!


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