Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Interview With Special FX Artist HANK CARLSON

Interview Excerpt:

A: What have been the proudest moments of your career?

HC: I actually have three:  
  • The first is working on ARMY OF DARKNESS. Sam Raimi, who loved to abuse his friend Bruce Campbell, wrote an effect into the script where the Deadites first awaken in an old cemetery after Ash speaks the wrong words removing the book of the dead from the alter. The effect was that a skeleton arm shoots out of the ground and into Ash’s open mouth going down his throat. No one could figure out how to make this practical effect work. We had many group meetings discussing ways to develop the effect. I had an idea and told Howard Berger. He liked the idea and told me to make a prototype that I could show Sam Raimi at an upcoming meeting. So I did – and Sam loved it. I got to make the arm and work directly with Bruce and Sam on how the effect worked and how to film it. The effect worked great and will forever live on in cinematic history. 

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