Monday, September 2, 2019

Barra Xul - "I'll Swallow Your Soul" (Official Video)

Official Music Video For Barra Xul's Brand New Song "I'll Swallow Your Soul".

• Music and Lyrics written by Barra Xul
• Recorded @ Mystigrind Studios ©2019
• Mastered by Dan Swano (Unisound)


• Jewdi McCarthy (Deadite Witch)
• Corey Andrews (Camper/Deadite)
• Kyle Fahie (Camper/Deadite)
• Chris O"neill (Camper)
• Mike Leblanc (Camper)
• Mathew Porter (Camper)


• Filmed by Corey Andrews, Jewdi McCarthy & Mike Leblanc
• Edited by Corey Andrews
• Props created by Jewdi McCarthy
• Makeup by Jewdi McCarthy & Jessie Lee Thompson
• Location provided by Jessie Lee Thompson & Kyle Fahie
• Instruments filmed at HB Studio (Halifax) c\o Mike Macdougall


Jason Nichols (Cephalectomy)
Raland Kinley (Dichotic/Select and Dismember)
John Haight (Wohedness)
Brett James Campaigne (Cottus)
Paul Beranger (Cottus)

Source: CephalectomyCore

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