Friday, October 25, 2019

‘Dead By Dawn’: Watch the Impressive, Gory ‘Evil Dead’ Fan Film That Was Made in One Night for $200

While we wait for the next installment in the Evil Dead film franchise – it’s in the works, though we have no idea what form it will take – fan Courtlan Gordon has gotten together with his friends to make their own fan film set within the Evil Dead universe, titled Dead By Dawn.

What’s most impressive about Dead By Dawn is that it was filmed across a single night with a $200 budget, and yet it looks like a much more polished production than many films with considerably higher budgets. It also taps into that Evil Dead vibe quite well – particularly the vibe of Fede Alvarez’s gruesome remake – with some real nasty bits of practical gore.

The entire project came together, Gordon tell us, in just 72 hours!

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