Tuesday, January 21, 2020

'DOOM Eternal' Game Director on Drawing Inspiration From Classic Horror: "I Think This Is Our 'Evil Dead 2'"

Hosted by video game veteran Hugo Martin, the first three hours of gameplay were offered Friday at a media-only demonstration for the first-person shooter title. 
"You are feared by the worst evil in the world: Hell. All of hell fears you."

Those words were uttered by DOOM Eternal game director Hugo Martin, who describes the demon slayer in the upcoming first-person shooter game as an "uncompromising" character. "That's what makes him so appealing," he tells The Hollywood Reporter on Friday, midway through a media-only demonstration of the game by publisher Bethesda Softworks. "I think we would all aspire to be so uncompromising and direct; he's not rude, but he doesn't have to be polite."

Martin, who played classic games like Freeway and Kaboom! as a kid, before moving onto Goldeneye in college, studied automotive design early in his career and worked in advertising, film and animation prior to dedicating himself to games.

He describes himself as a "big film buff" in addition to the more predictable label of "hardcore gamer," telling THR that he drew inspiration for DOOM Eternal from the charm of 1987's Evil Dead 2. "That was a big touchstone for us, when you look at something like that, there’s the perfect balance between gore and slapstick humor. It’s not really taking itself too seriously."

Noting that the Evil Dead franchise became what it is with its second installment, Martin declares, "I think this our Evil Dead 2."

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