Tuesday, April 14, 2020

‘Army of Darkness’ is Absolutely Fascinating For All Sorts of Reasons

The Evil Dead series, both in the cinematic and television forms, has a marvelously delirious history. An original film financed on a shoestring budget that plays its horror-centric tone mostly straight but with a few chuckle-inducing moments, a sequel that is, in essence, a remake of the original and was originally supposed to follow the plot of the third film, said third film that goes off in a completely different direction, and later a TV series, 22 years later, that makes no reference to the third installment for legal reasons, therefore technically continuing the story of the first film but unquestionably borrowing the slapstick, overly comedic identity of the third movie. Few popular franchises can claim to have a developmental history has complicated and hard-fought as Evil Dead, although one would struggle to consider that a virtue. All that being said, Army of Darkness, which premiered in 1992 but was only released wide in February of 1993, is arguably the most interesting, unique and important entry.

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