Friday, April 17, 2020

Bruce Campbell Does Voice Work Like ‘The Last Kids On Earth’ Because ‘I’m Not Getting Blood Thrown In My Face’

Nicholas Morine writes:

Almost any ’80s or ’90s kid who grew up watching sci-fi, fantasy, or horror fare can associate the name Bruce Campbell with at least one iconic role. From Ash Williams of the Evil Dead franchise to the “King of Thieves,” Autolycus, in the Xena and Hercules television shows that were extremely popular at the time, Campbell left a lasting impression on audiences that persists to this day.

Having appeared as acerbic playboy Sam Axe in 111 episodes — and a spinoff movie — for sunny spy-actioner Burn Notice, and having recently hosted Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Campbell has found a number of iconic roles through a career spanning 40 years.

Now, returning to lend his voice to The Last Kids on Earth, an animated post-apocalyptic Netflix series from Atomic Cartoons, the veteran actor finds himself working with the world’s most recognizable streaming giant. And as a fan, I was delighted that Campbell took a few moments out of his day to discuss his past, present, and future credits with me — as well as his social media presence and his love of the great outdoors.

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