Friday, May 22, 2020

Top movie in America during pandemic is by Detroit brothers and was filmed in Michigan

The siblings, who wrote and directed the project together, have roots in horror story-telling through their father, Bart Pierce. He did special effects for  1981's "Evil Dead," the shoestring-budget cult classic by Detroit's own Sam Raimi that spawned a franchise and had a big impact on the future of scary movies.

Their dad is particularly noted for teaming up with another artist, Tom Sullivan, to create the effects for the epic bloodbath of the film's finale.

Brett Pierce says his father and Sullivan essentially took over the basement of his family's Detroit home to complete the effects. He was a toddler at the time and wandered downstairs once without anyone noticing.

Just then, the gory ending was being projected on a large screen. After that, the story goes, Pierce pretty much stayed out of the basement until he moved to Royal Oak in his teen years.

These days, Pierce, 42, very much appreciates the connection to "Evil Dead" and his father's role in it.

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