Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Bruce Campbell gives an update on Bruce vs. Frankenstein

BRUCE VS. FRANKENSTEIN still hasn't made it into production, but while speaking to Diabolique Magazine recently Campbell revealed that he's keeping hope alive for it. The story is being turned into a graphic novel, which might then lead to a feature adaptation.
I talked with Mike Richardson, who is my partner on this and we’re going to start with a graphic novel. So, I am going to adapt the screenplay. We’re going to put that out first so people in the industry can get a better sense of it. Mike has been selling a lot of projects to Netflix and he said that’s kind of the way to go with his material and fantasy stuff so he suggested we do that first. We’ll get a great artist, sell it in comic book form, people can totally see it and as a director, its kind of like doing storyboards. It’s a tremendous amount of extra prep that I can do just by going through it because I actually have to think about pages, panels and descriptions. It’s a format that’s not my normal format. Screenplay format, I can fart, I got that down. This is different with the way it looks on the page so it will be a very interesting translation process."

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