Thursday, June 25, 2020

Remember That New ‘Evil Dead’ Video Game? Bruce Campbell Updates


Back in August of 2018, you may recall, Bruce Campbell had told us that he’s voicing Ash for an upcoming Evil Dead video game, and he subsequently provided other tidbits of information that we’ve been covering here on Bloody Disgusting. What we’ve learned, so far, is that the game is being developed for consoles, and it is *not* a virtual reality experience.

Speaking with Diabolique Magazine this week, Campbell provides another little update on the mysterious upcoming game, teasing that a 2021 release is planned at this time.

I have been looking at and approving a bunch of new stuff. They are full-fledged, full bore into it,” Campbell told interviewer Susan Leighton. “I think they are talking 2021 for an actual release. It’s rolling along, looking great. It got delayed because of the nightmare of video games. Platforms change and evolve. You look at somebody else’s games and go, ‘Shit! We have to change everything now.’ We have to stay current.”

He adds, “I have to finish doing the voice work.”

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