Tuesday, June 30, 2020

[R.I.P.] ‘Evil Dead II’ and ‘Intruder’ Star Danny Hicks Has Passed Away

Earlier this month we reported that Danny Hicks had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and today we’ve learned the sad news that Hicks lost his battle this week at age 68.

Full Empire Productions, Danny’s convention management team, posted on Facebook today: “Danny passed away at his home in CA. We love you Danny, rest easy my friend.”

Horror fans were first introduced to actor Danny Hicks in the late 1980s, making his debut appearance on screen as Jake in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II. Hicks finished out the ’80s with a memorable starring role in the supermarket-set slasher Intruder, also appearing in Maniac Cop just one year prior. Hicks later appeared in DarkmanWishmaster and My Name is Bruce.

Hicks had posted on Facebook in his final public statement on June 5th, “To all of the people that I never got to meet, and the 6,018 die hard fans that enjoyed my work. I have some bad news. I have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I have approximately 1 to 3 years to live. But I gotta tell ya, I sure as hell packed a whole bunch of living into my 68 years. I got no change coming back that’s for sure. And not too many regrets. Ok, gotta go. I’m gunna find out just what in the hell is going on down in that fruit cellar.”

All of us here on BD offer our deepest condolences to Danny’s family and friends.

Source: bloody-disgusting.com

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