Tuesday, August 25, 2020

'Army of Darkness' Soundtrack Getting Record Store Day Exclusive Vinyl Release

Maybe it's due to the ongoing pandemic, but this year's Record Store Day announcements were rather quiet and the August 29th event is creeping up fast.

While this year's vinyl hoarding festivities are sure to be hindered due to social distancing and many records store choosing to remain closed, there's still quite a few releases to get excited about, one of them being an all-new vinyl release of composer Joe LoDuca's soundtrack for Sam Raimi's 1990 classic Army of Darkness.

Newly remastered by LoDuca, the package also includes new notes and images and is the first ever vinyl release to contain the original movie art.

Varèse Sarabande explains, "Army of Darkness is a continuation of Raimi's Evil Dead series, which LoDuca also composed and also starred Bruce Campbell as Ash. Years later, LoDuca continued to score Evil Dead projects through the Starz series, Ash vs The Evil Dead, which ran from 2015–2018. Army of Darkness is musically distinct, however, in having a secondary composer contribution: Danny Elfman's (Batman, Pee-wee's Big Adventure) killer theme 'March of the Dead.'"

Limited to 2500 copies, the Army of Darkness soundtrack will only be available to purchase through RSD stores. A CD version is also currently available exclusively from Varèse Sarabande's website.

Source: www.crypt-teaze.com

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