Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Ray Santiago’s “Ash vs. Evil Dead” Character Pablo Revealed in New Look at ‘Evil Dead: The Game’!

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Announced earlier this year, “Ash vs. Evil Dead” character Pablo Simon Bolivar will be one of the playable characters in the upcoming Evil Dead: The Game, with actor Ray Santiago returning to reprise the role.

Today, we’ve got our first look at Pablo in the game! Check out another shot below, which puts Pablo side-by-side with fellow “Ghostbeater” Kelly Maxwell. And yes, Dana DeLorenzo is also back to voice her character from the show!










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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Creepshow's Greg Nicotero Discusses Evil Dead Homage For Season 2









The story titled "Public Television of the Dead" pays homage to the classic Evil Dead franchise. During AMC Networks TCA winter tour presentation, director Greg Nicotero spoke about this specific feature. "Rob Schrab wrote that episode," the director said. "I realized in retrospect that a lot of my episodes were period pieces. A lot of them take place in the '70s. I have a big affection for growing up in the '70s and reading Famous Monsters magazine and watching chiller theater.

"So, having directed "Model Kid," which is the first segment in the premiere, 'Public Television of the Dead' is really sort of my kind of big thank you to Sam Raimi because I worked on Evil Dead 2, and I worked on Army of Darkness. I had always had a massive affection for Sam, so I feel like I channeled my best Sam Raimi in that episode, and damn, I had so much fun like getting that camera whipping around and like the evil for his point of view and designing our own version of the Necronomicon. It was really a blast so much fun."


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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Evil Dead Teaser from NECA Toys









NECA has shared a new preview photo, showing some iconic accessories from the original Evil Dead. Included are a tape recorder, a shotgun, a chainsaw, and axe, and a lantern. The pieces look to be part of their 7″ scale figure line. No word on if this for a new Ultimate Ash Williams Figure, an accessory pack, or maybe even new 2-pack. We’ll update on any additional news as it becomes available.



'Willy's Wonderland' director sees his Evil Dead send-up as the next great horror entry in the Nic Cage 'genre'









Lewis wanted to tap into his love for '80s horror and Sam Raimi, particularly the director's debut feature, The Evil Dead (1981), and its two sequels, Evil Dead II (1987) and Army of Darkness (1992).

"Visually, he's incredible and he's got a great comic timing with his stuff," Lewis explains of Raimi. "You're laughing and then you're in horror. He shifts those emotions perfectly. I still don't think there's anyone like him.


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Happy Ash Wednesday!

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