Monday, November 1, 2021

Bruce Campbell on Ash, Age and Three-Day Festival This Month












He’s had a long and weird career playing lots of tall and weird characters, perhaps none more notable than Ash from Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead films. What began as a more or less traditional splatter-form horror flick turned into a cult-favorite series on video that went on to spawn two official sequels, a remake, a bunch of unofficial sequels and tie-ins, a mobile game, a TV series and even a musical.


To celebrate all that — not to mention the rest of Campbell’s storied, fan-favorite career — the actor will be at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park November 12 to 14 for a festival dedicated to his work. BruceFest is billed as “the ultimate weekend experience in grueling horror” and comes in three tiers of three-day passes: the Deadite Package, the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis Package, and the Kandarian Demon Package.


Interview Excerpt:


Westword: Can you tell us something about your pal Sam that most of us don't know?
Bruce Campbell: He's a good gardener and a lousy bowler.


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