Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Sam Raimi Producing Supernatural Romantic Comedy ‘You’re Dead Helene’!








Brad Miska writes:


As director, it’s been too long since Sam Raimi had a little fun with the genre. While his Evil Dead series turned slapstick, his Ghost House Pictures produced a blistering remake that socked the audience right in the face. As producer, he’s also been behind several great genre offerings from Don’t Breathe to Crawl.

Next up, he’s once again blending horror and comedy with You’re Dead Helene, which is based on Michiel Blanchart’s award-winning short film (pictured), which he wrote and directed, says Deadline.

TriStar Pictures has acquired the rights to the supernatural romantic comedy, which is being produced by Raimi and Rob Tapert at Ghost House and Michaël Goldberg and Boris Van Gils at Playbox Pictures. Caellum Allan will oversee the project for TriStar Pictures. Romel Adam will oversee for Ghost House.

“The film is touching and terrifying. Michiel is one of the few modern directors that can balance humor and terror, and he does it in an exciting new way,” said Raimi.


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