Monday, January 10, 2022

Horrific Sounds Echo from the ‘Evil Dead Rise’ Editing Bay! [Listen]











Brad Miska writes:


I’ll swallow your soul!

While Sam Raimi’s camerawork is a staple of The Evil Dead films, the sound elements are the glue that takes everything to the next level, delivering the extra gross and scary.

Later this year, horror fans are in for a treat when HBO Max serves up a brand new tale of the Necronomicon with Evil Dead Rise, a spinoff sequel this time directed by The Hole in the Ground‘s Lee Cronin.

While a date has yet to be set, filming is completed and Cronin is hard at work editing the film where he’s continually teasing us hardcore fans on social media. The latest is a fun soundbite from outside of the editing suite where we can hear a little taste of the carnage that will consume a new family, this time trapped in an apartment building.

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