Friday, February 4, 2022

You’ll Be Able to Pre-Order ‘Evil Dead: The Game’ Starting Next Week!










When will you be able to pre-order Evil Dead: The Game? It’s a question we’ve been getting asked a lot lately, and thanks to the developers, we finally have an answer this week.

As we learned last week the game’s new release date is May 13, 2022, and we’ve learned today that you’ll be able to pre-order Evil Dead: The Game beginning NEXT WEEK!

The team tweets today, “More info on Evil Dead: The Game is ahead. Next week, pre-orders will begin alongside a short video with a look at our groovy little pre-order bonus.”

“And soon after, Gameplay Video #2 with a deeper look at the experience of playing as the Kandarian Demon,” they tease, so keep your eyes peeled for that very soon!


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