Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Evil Dead: The Game connects to the films and TV show with the Knowby Recordings











We’re just a week away from the May 13th release of Evil Dead: The Game, which will allow players to battle the forces of evil as characters like franchise hero Ash Williams, Ash vs. Evil Dead‘s Pablo and Kelly, Lord Arthur from Army of Darkness, Cheryl and Scott from the original The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II‘s Annie Knowby and Ed Getley, and Ash vs. Evil Dead‘s Amanda Fisher, among others. Or you can play as a Kandarian Demon and battle those people. During an interview on the podcast Slasher Radio, game developers Tim Willits and Craig Sherman from Saber Interactive revealed that the events of the game are tied to the Evil Dead films and Ash vs. Evil Dead TV series through audio files called the Knowby Recordings.


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