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Interview Bruce Campbell vs. the Marvel Cinematic Universe








Interview Excerpt 1 regarding Evil Dead Rise


Inverse: You're producing a new Evil Dead movie. Can you talk about it?
Bruce Campbell: Yes. Evil Dead Rise. It was gonna go streaming because back in the Covid days they weren't doing as much in theaters. So it was gonna stream through HBO Max. But we just had the latest test screening of the finished film, and it scored so high they're considering going against that and doing a theatrical release this fall. Otherwise, it'll be early 2023 on streaming.
Inverse: What was your role? Did you have any input on Evil Dead Rise?
Bruce Campbell: We had a shit-ton of input because that's how we wanted it. We want input. These directors, they must take our input. These guys are trying to assert themselves as well. They don't want to make cookie-cutter movies and they don't want to imitate us. And they shouldn't. They shouldn't imitate Sam. So it works out well. But I'm always very involved in the sound. I sit in on the mix of the movie to make sure it's got the stuff. And I can also sneak in some of the old Evil Dead sound effects from 40 years ago. They're all digitized.

Interview Excerpt 2 regarding Evil Dead Rise:  

Bruce Campbell: Basically, there's no connection to any of the movies. I think it's going to be sort of like that from now on. It's all about the books now, and there are three of them. We found that out in Army of Darkness.These three books could be anywhere. So where did the book wind up now? And whose hands did it fall into? And what happens? [Director] Lee Cronin, who Sam handpicked, did an excellent job. He's gonna be a busy boy because he knows what he's doing.



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