Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Dangerous Military Nerds - Josh Becker



This Week's Guest: Josh Becker dga, screenwriter, author, film and television director. Josh is part of the Detroit mafia with his friends Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and others. Though he cut his teeth on the Evil Dead films, as well as Hercules and Xena films and series, Josh is really his own man, having blazed his own trail with his films; Lunatics A Love Story, If I Had a Hammer, Running Time, Warpath, and Morning Noon and Night. He has written many novels and screenplays and one of his passion projects was his WWI script about Marine Corps legend, Dan Daly, with the Marine's first clash with the Germans at The Battle of Belleua Wood, where they were given the nickname “Devil Dogs” by the enemy. Join Don Ecker & Gerry Kissell every week on Dangerous Military Nerds, where we give the Veteran's perspective on the latest news on science, para-science, entertainment, and the rest of the pop culture lexicon.


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