Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Yes, Elizabeth Banks Used Cocaine Bear To Pay Homage To Sam Raimi (And Also Stand By Me, Jaws, And Jurassic Park)









Banks revealed that she took inspiration from the splatstick of Sam Raimi, the coming-of-age classic "Stand By Me," and Steven Spielberg's two creature features, "Jaws" and "Jurassic Park." Banks didn't want to just make a monster movie, saying that the characters make "Cocaine Bear" feel unique:

"The reason I made it was not necessarily because of the crazy bear. I do love these movies and I love horror and I love gore. And I love horror comedy. I love Sam Raimi and I love John Carpenter ... This takes place in 1985, so it's a real opportunity to create an homage to some of those kinds of films, but also to do something really unique tonally because it's also a character piece."


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