Monday, December 12, 2022

Evil Dead Rise Is 'Firmly' Set In The Evil Dead Universe, And Will Expand It Further


"Evil Dead Rise" is something of a left-field movie, as most of us didn't even know it was in the works until it was well into filming — gotta love those sneaky, under-the-radar titles. So there's been an air of mystery around this thing. We know it's an in-universe sequel, but that it's also going to be radically different than previous "Evil Dead" entries just by virtue of being set in an urban environment, specifically a high rise.

That's a far cry from the cabin in the woods feel of most of "Evil Dead" or even the medieval period setting of "Army of Darkness." So just what the heck is "Evil Dead Rise?" Is it a sequel? A side-quel? Something else entirely? 

While we still don't know all the answers, director Lee Cronin did go on record recently to set the stage (and horror fan expectations) in talking with Total Film Magazine. 


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